“Its more straightforward approach can be refreshing, especially for older students”
The New York Times

“Can ease students’ (and parents’) fear of Mathematics”
Tucson Citizen

“Ingenious… one of the most pedagogically valuable math tutorials available”

— Professor Louis Blois,
Mathematics Department,
College of Staten Island

“I have been teaching in the Mathematics Department at Kingsborough Community College for 17 years and have always been searching for innovative ways to help my students grasp Algebra.  IF you don’n want problems with Mathematic order homework from our friends: buy-cheapessay.com/homework Many of the students have to take a remedial Algebra course before they can start taking a credit bearing Math class and they have to take the CUNY Elementary Algebra Final Exam (CEAFE). It seems that all of my students search the internet for help but often end up working on material not relevant to the course. I started using Algebra in a Flash in the Spring of 2016 semester and the students loved it. It was easy to run and it allowed them to practice problems and get immediate feedback on their mistakes. As the Final approached and the Math workshops and tutors were at their busiest Algebra in a Flash helped the students practice just on the material that they were struggling with on their own without having to wait for outside help. I used it during class as well to allow each student to work on learning at the pace and level that suited them the most. My students are now requesting all the Math subjects be given on a flash drive!”

— Professor Ari Nagel
Mathematics Department
Kingsborough Community College
City University of New York
Brooklyn, NY


“Math911 is appropriately named since aside from being an easy to use the program is very helpful and provides relief from Math anxiety. The tutorial program gives step by step explanations using an unlimited amount of randomly generated problems.
To lower frustration on the part of students, the grade reporting uses only correct answers without penalizing the student for wrong answers. Along with reducing anxiety Math911 increases self-confidence. Math 911 is an excellent tutorial in Algebra, It covers the widest wide range of topics I’ve ever seen including Equations, Graphs and the much feared Word problems. The software also includes as a bonus tutorials to prepare the soon to be College Freshman with the Accuplacer exam. This exam, like other similar exams is used by colleges to determine if a student needs to take a refresher course in Arithmetic and/or Algebra. By mastering Professor Weissman’s tutorials on the Accuplacer exam one can bypass remediation courses. I highly recommend this tutorial program.”

— Vivian Miller
Mathematics Department
Nassau Community College
State University of New York
Garden City, NY

“Great software from a Great teacher. His software (and sense of humor) got me through two college level math courses. Can’t recommend him (nor his software) enough!”

— Christian Blair,

“I am a School Psychologist for the past 30 years. Within recent years I have noticed that many of our students are doing poorly in Math. I came across your program by accident. Our students are enthusiastic about the quality of the presentation, the immediate feedback and the positive reinforcement that the software provides. And the price, can’t be beat. This is a quality program, that every student and school should be considering.”

— Seymour S. Burack M.S.
Psychologist at Roselle Borough Public Schools,
Special Needs Advocate

“I have used Math911 in my remedial Math courses with excellent results. This Math tutorial has been designed to help students struggling with Math. It is very user friendly, so the student with technology deficiencies has no problems working with the software.
Each section is divided in different levels of expertise, so that the student may work at his own pace. The students feel more confident after they start working with Math911.
I especially recall one student who, at the beginning started with a 25% average, but changed it substantially to an impressive 95% average. She was so happy at the end of the semester that she kept the software to study the next Math course with the help of Math911.
I truly recommend this easy and effective tutorial to ease the pain of students struggling with Mathematics.”

— Professor Paula Catalan
Kean University
Union, NJ

“I have tried Professor Weissman’s software. It is absolutely invaluable for anyone needing to relearn high-school math FAST! A few weeks ago I couldn’t even do complex subtraction, but now I can do everything up to — and including — simple Algebra! Khan Academy was okay, but it wasn’t interactive enough for me. Math911 guides you every step of the way, and provides instant feedback on whether or not your answer was correct. If it wasn’t, then it will show you step by step directions for how to solve the problem. The Math Professor has saved me a year — if not two — of remedial math once I start college. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Prof!”

— Akhenaten,

“Math911 is an amazing tutorial resource. This user friendly software promotes active learning through the use of Mastery Learning. Students are encouraged to repeat math problems to build on the knowledge and skills they already have in Mathematics. The basic software covers Introductory Algebra as well as an Accuplacer Test Prep and a review of Arithmetic. Students who have had great difficulty with Math, even with the help of private tutors should take advantage of this software as a viable learning source. I have witnessed a change in students’ attitudes and increased enthusiasm toward Math from using Math911.”

— Dr. Mahmoud Abu-Joudeh
Mathematics Chair
Essex County College
Newark, NJ

“I must take the time to thank you for your brilliantly and uniquely designed software Math911! Your software was definitely one of the factors that allowed me to become stronger in Math and improve my performance. I’ve never came across a Math software with carefully detailed steps and instructions. There was not a moment that I was confused and unable to solve a problem, the detailed steps have always helped me to fully grasp and understand the concepts. I will definitely keep the software and maybe even use it to help someone else who is struggling with Mathematics.
Once again professor Weissman, Thank you!”

— Cendy Merisma
Essex County College
Newark, NJ

Real Students’ Reviews from

Rate My Professor, Professor Martin Weissman

“This professor really cares about his students and will go out of his way to help, attendance is a must, it’s math duhh, tests and quizzes are not hard if you study… I would definitely recommend him and would take him again. Thanks Professor Weissman, and don’t retire yet.”

Positive Review MTH119

“Best math professor ever!!! I love him! I got all A’s in his classes! He is the best! You have to go to class and pay attention to everything he says. Do Math911, if you do it, you will 100% pass the class. Ask him questions in class and he will gladly stop everything to help you.”

Positive Review MATH188

“Must download his software, which is the best ever used at ECC. Don’t know where the complaints are from. He not only has a full understanding on the subject, but can break it down like no other professor here. Take him if you really want to learn math and if you need 114 after.”

Positive Review MTH113