Math911 for schoolsMath911 is intended for students who are convinced they can’t do Algebra. As student concerned educators, you and I have to deal with the challenge of reaching ‘at risk’ students who have experienced many years of failure with Algebra. You’re also faced with the challenge of finding effective, affordable tutorial software. That’s why I developed math911. Since 1990, math911, then called Algebrax, has been helping students of educators like you. As a member of NCSM, NCTM and NASSP, and a teacher of Mathematics since 1963, my experience ensures getting a proven partner with trusted service.

Algebra in a Flash, Math911

  • Needs no internet connection
  • Can be installed on your servers
  • Can be networked
  • Can be used in class in ‘workbook’ mode with a problem projected on a smartboard
  • Great for homework assignments with students handing in software generated grade reports
  • Great for computer labs where students can interact with each other

For more information about the network version please call 347-528-7837 or email

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