Algebra In A Flash is perfect for anyone who needs help with Algebra. On a typical American school day some six million high school students and over two million college freshmen who are placed in a Remedial Algebra course, can be found struggling with Algebra.
The underlying software on Algebra In A Flash is math911. math911 will run on any Windows Computer.
Updates are free and quick. Just click on the Green icon on the menu screen and follow the simple directions.
Yes. The first time you run Algebra In A Flash, it asks for your name and a date and will use both entries for the name of your grade report file. For example, if you enter Uncle Sam, April 15 then the name of your grade file will be US0415.
No, your grades are saved automatically.
No, Algebra In A Flash can be used with any Algebra textbook.
First check for an update. Math911 is a huge program and sometimes when a new topic is added it inadvertently introduces an error message. If the error persists email the Professor sending a screen shot if possible. Alternatively, call Tech Support at 347-528-7837

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