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AccuplacerThe Accuplacer and Compass are just two of several college entrance exams that all entering College Freshman must take before registration. Nearly all colleges require that students take at least one college level Mathematics course such as College Algebra or Introductory Statistics. However, each of the courses require previous knowledge and mastery of Arithmetic and Algebra Skills. The Accuplacer is an assessment of these background skills.

More than 4 in 5 community college students are assigned to remedial classes in Arithmetic or Algebra. These students can spend their whole Freshman year in courses earning no college credit yet spending a considerable amount of money paying tuition for them. Even more troubling, remedial Mathematics courses are considered the gatekeepers preventing students from earning a college degree. Only about 25% of students in remedial courses will eventually earn a degree.

A free Accuplacer Test Prep is included on every Algebra In A Flash USB.

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