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Professor Martin Weissman 1964Now, some background information about the Professor. In 1963, Professor Weissman started teaching Mathematics for the Board of Education in New York City. After five years, in 1969, he became a Professor of Mathematics at Essex County College in Newark, New Jersey. In his over 50 years as an educator he has always used technology in his classroom.

Professor Martin Weissman 2016Professor Weissman created his first Algebra tutorial software in 1963 just before he graduated from Brooklyn College. Almost 30 years before the advent of personal computers he started his career as a Programmer on an IBM 1620 Mainframe computer.

In 1972, then a Professor of Mathematics at Essex County College in Newark, New Jersey, the Professor ‘updated’ his software, allowing his students to access it interactively via teletype and a dial up modem to a mainframe in East Orange, New Jersey. The Newark Star-Ledger newspaper described it saying that it was “a kind of personal touch that is making Mathematics more meaningful and enjoyable for 26 students at Essex County College in Newark.”

Rochester University LibrariesIn the early 1990’s with the introduction of Radio Shack and other Personal Computers the Professor’s software now allowed students to use the Algebra tutorials at home. Called AlgebraX, the software was an immediate hit and reviewed favorably in many newspapers. The New York Times noted that at that time there were many “game-like educational programs for young children” and then describing AlgebraX concluded that “sometimes a more straight-forward approach can be refreshing, especially for older students.”

The San-Antonio Express-News interviewed a parent who “felt uneasy when her daughter started taking Algebra.” The parent “knew the she was going to ask me for help, and I knew that my math skills weren’t up to it.” Then she got a copy of AlgebraX and “started practicing at her office terminal during her lunch hour.” The parent continued, saying “I was skeptical at first, but I’m actually getting pretty good.’

Radio Shack Tandy TRS 80In the ensuing years, Professor Weissman added tutorials for other courses, Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Trigonometry and Introduction to Statistics and renamed his software, Math911.

Just recently, the Algebra component was modified to run directly from the ubiquitous USB Flash drive with no hard drive install required. Algebra In A Flash is just one component of Math911.

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